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1) All equipment represented by us, we offer an extended warranty of 36 months.

2) 36-month warranty is provided on the equipment used is not more than 10 hours per day. When using the equipment for more than 10 hours per day, the warranty period is reduced proportionally, but not less than the declared by the manufacturer warranty.

3) We guarantee during the warranty period, to carry out the warranty repair.

4) We guarantee the exercise of any warranty repairs no longer than 14 calendar days, excluding delivery of necessary components. A document authorizing the warranty is the contract of sale equipment.

5) The warranty period is calculated from the date specified in the purchase and sale of equipment Contract.

6) Hardware Warranty is available only if the equipment was connected by our experts (installation of "turnkey") or in the presence of our expert and under his leadership (Chief - installation). If the equipment is connected to their own, the equipment is removed from the guarantee unconditionally.

7) In case of we are committed to make a warranty repair the defects as quickly as possible.

8) On the estimated duration of the work we undertake to inform you before the repair.

9) If you are not satisfied with the terms of warranty repair, we will consider any convenient solution to the problem.

10) The warranty applies to all components of the equipment supplied, other than supplies, removable manipulation and nozzles, nozzle holders and manipulation.

11) The warranty for the replaced components ceases along with hardware warranty.

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